Screening of the Long View at Mills College, Oakland

August 14, 2017


Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond told the audience of parents, educators, community members, and organizers: “I feel so privileged and pleased to be here because this film and all the work that you have been doing for many decades is really a testament to what we should be doing in every community in the country.”

She said that watching the film she was, “rejoicing in the victories, feeling devastated all over again by the setbacks, but by the end of the day, knowing that as Frederick Douglas said, ‘there can be no progress without struggle.’ And it is in that continual struggle that we make advances.”

Robert Paige: “You all saw a lot about what happened to me, but that is an example of what goes on in a lot of students’ lives throughout school. I am actually proud to say that I own my story because it is me, and it is true for a lot of other students. What is interesting in my story is that I actually had support which is why I am able to be here today. You hear the story about people getting out of prison and going right back. The reason I am not in that cycle is because of all those folks who supported me and made sure that when I fall I am able to bounce back and be back in a stronger place.”

Emma Paulino: “What I was reflecting on was that what moved me to do this work twenty something years ago is still moving me today. Young people like Robert should not go through what he went through. And that is really an example of how much, we, the people who care about the children, We have to continue believing in these young people – that they can have a better future than what this society is offering them right now. And it is really up to us to change the way the society perceives young people of color.”