Section 2

Peace March

Life Academy students take their learning and values to the streets, organizing a march and rally to stop gun violence in Oakland.

Discussion Questions

In the clip, Life Academy Teacher Pablo Venturino talks about “meaningful action,” and helping students understand how “academic skills can be used to change their realities.” How would this philosophy of teaching and learning impact student engagement and build their leadership skills?

Life Academy Principal Preston Thomas notes that despite losing two students to gun violence, the school posted the largest academic gains in the district. How can schools create a supportive and safe school community for students, especially those experiencing insecurity and trauma?


After returning home to Oakland, Robert Paige reflects on his incarceration.

Discussion Questions

Robert talks of being “low and broke” and without support after high school. What can schools and communities do to better prepare young people for the challenges they face after high school?

Robert chose to become a youth organizer when he returned to Oakland. How could youth organizing be a catalyst for leadership and change among young people in your community?