The Long View at Californians for Justice

February 15, 2018


A community screening and conversation with filmmaker Susan Zeig

“It was really powerful to see our students watch the film and reflect on their own realities in their education organizing.  We appreciate the work you’re doing, and are always willing to collaborate.”

–Geordee Mae Corpuz, Organizing Director, Californians for Justice

“The movie kind of made me think about myself. I sometimes argue with my teachers, I may not really do well on a project, and I gave up, but then when you see how hard people actually fight to keep the schools open, and create all these opportunities for us, it makes you want to try harder because it is like people are really fighting for us to be in school, and a lot of kids are taking that for granted”  Californian for Justice student, not sure if we should use the student’s name or just say Sophomore at Oakland High etc. We asked their permission at the screening, but this is sort of personal and I am not sure

– Sophomore at Oakland High