The Long View at Villanova University, Pennsylvania

February 27, 2018


Villanova Connelly Cinema

Barbara Ferman, Temple University Professor and author of the new book The Fight for America’s Schools: Grassroots Organizing in Education
Cheryl Masterman, Parent Education Activist in Lower Merion
Charisma Pressley, Parent Education Activist in Philadelphia & Director of CASA
Sponsored by the Villanova Department of Education & Counseling

“Thank you so much for your magnificent and moving film, The Long View. Emma Paulino is indeed a hero, and the story line of the youth activist was very powerful–heartbreaking and yet hopeful. Even though organizing is local, the lessons of your film certainly apply to Philadelphia and other centers where schools are constantly subject to the whims of new superintendents.”

–Dr. Jerusha Conner, Villanova University

“Even as someone who has followed the Oakland work throughout that whole period, I found it not just sobering and inspiring, but also informative.  It helped me put the pieces together.  It’s a great work. “

–Lauren Jacobs, Senior Consultant, Partnership for the Future of Learning