Section 4

Supporting Teachers

In Oakland and around the country, investing in teachers is critical to student success.

Discussion Questions

Life Academy teacher Suneal Kolluri talks about the difficulty keeping experienced teachers. Is teacher retention a problem in your school or district? What are the factors that might contribute to high teacher turnover?
How does your school or district support teachers? What are the opportunities for professional development and leadership?

Middle School Writing Class

Opening a middle school at Life Academy has been key to students entering high school
with the skills needed to be on track for graduation and prepared for college-level work.

Discussion Questions

Students in Eva Oliver’s middle school classroom are engaged. They are having fun as they’re learning. What about the class made it engaging for students? What are some examples of engaging curriculum and projects in your school? How might students be more engaged?

Because they entered Life Academy below grade level, some graduates were needing remediation classes in college. How does the need for remediation undermine student success?