Section 5

Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith Meets with OCO

As Superintendent Anthony Smith prepares to consolidate the small schools at Fremont High School, families and community members push for involvement.

Discussion Questions

In the film, Fremont Principal Dan Hurst says Oakland has had 7 superintendents in his 12 years in the district. How do you think the instability in district leadership impacts students, school staff, and families?
What can school boards do to increase stability in the superintendent position? What can communities do?

Policy Meeting

In an attempt to provide school sites with more decision-making authority, community
groups in Oakland organized to pass the district’s Shared Governance Policy.

Discussion Questions

In the clip, OCO organizer Katy Nunez-Adler says, “transformation never happens at the top.” Do you agree? How have you experienced positive change in your district? What does it take to sustain improvement?

In her comments to the Oakland School Board, a community leader says, “When you have parents and teachers and administration working together you can build that support, rather than working against each other and people pointing fingers.” How could parents and teachers partner more effectively in your school or district? What are the barriers? What would be the benefits of deeper partnerships?