Section 6

Get Out the Vote

In 2012, OCO was part of a grassroots organizing effort to increase voter turnout, which made a significant difference in the outcome of the Proposition 30 ballot initiative.

Discussion Questions

How does work on voter engagement build power of community-based organizations?
What education funding initiatives are needed in your community?





Election Results at Life Academy

Latino mothers, many of whom are unable to vote themselves, and who have experienced negative stereotyping, reflect on their role in passing Proposition 30. Veteran organizer Emma Paulino remembers when she first started she felt nervous and fearful. “But I did it. And that’s what you need to do. Be afraid, but do it.”

Discussion Questions

What are some of the fears you’ve had to overcome in order to get involved in an issue you cared deeply about? What was the impact—for yourself and for your community?

In what ways have group actions in your community helped to build power to impact change?

The additional resources from Proposition 30 paved the way for California to adopt a new funding formula, based on student need. How are schools funded in your state? To what extent does the funding formula address or compound inequities?