The Long View at Colorado Education Association

Union Representative: :That’s us, that’s us - this is really energizing for us all.”

High school student: “It was very inspiring for me to see students believe they can make a positive change, but how did you get to the point where you believed you could make a difference?”

Robert: “Getting into organizing, seeing actual change, that things happen. It made it clear that I don’t have to accept this, and I think that is the inspiration.”

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Classroom Conversations about The Long View at U-C Boulder

Robert to students: “Oakland comes with a long history of organizing, and this documentary picks up at a time when Oakland is really in a transformative state, where things are being done to turn the tide in education. But it is not a documentary that says, ‘hey, this was amazing, this is what everyone else needs to do.’ The film shows the reality of the situation in some of the things we face in Oakland, and that we are still struggling with.”

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The Long View at UCLA

April 25, 2018

UCLA – Graduate School of Education

Co Sponsored by The Center for the Transformation of Schools and Center X
A Screening and Conversation with Emma Paulino and Pedro Noguera


The Long View at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC

March 6, 2018


Martin Segal Theater, CUNY Graduate Center

365 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016

Co-sponsored by the Ph.D. Programs in Urban Education, Critical Psychology, the Public Science Project, the URBAN Research Network, the Center for Advanced Study in Education and the Gittell Collective

Remarks following the film by Zakiyah Ansari, Advocacy Director, New York State Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) and conversation with director Susan Zeig

Foundation support from:
The Stuart Foundation, The C.S. Mott Foundation, The Panta Rhea Foundation, The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, The California Endowment, The Hewlett Foundation, The Ruth Mott Foundation

“My connection with this is Emma. She speaks to me. Her story is my story. .
I will fight for my children and my three grandchildren, but that is not enough to fill me. The inequities, and the constant fight to just get the basics for children, that is the struggle of parent organizing.  It is what keeps us, sustains us, knowing that every time we bring more folks into this conversation, that we build the movement for education justice, and that we build it strongly.

We don’t have the opportunity to not be hopeful…It is my obligation to always be hopeful. I say all this to say, the one thing historically that we have yet to do, is really center the hard conversation around racism and classism in this country. Until we are ready to do that, we will continue to go in circles.”

–Zakiyah Ansari, Advocacy Director, Alliance for Quality Education

The Long View at Villanova University, Pennsylvania

February 27, 2018


Villanova Connelly Cinema

Barbara Ferman, Temple University Professor and author of the new book The Fight for America’s Schools: Grassroots Organizing in Education
Cheryl Masterman, Parent Education Activist in Lower Merion
Charisma Pressley, Parent Education Activist in Philadelphia & Director of CASA
Sponsored by the Villanova Department of Education & Counseling

“Thank you so much for your magnificent and moving film, The Long View. Emma Paulino is indeed a hero, and the story line of the youth activist was very powerful–heartbreaking and yet hopeful. Even though organizing is local, the lessons of your film certainly apply to Philadelphia and other centers where schools are constantly subject to the whims of new superintendents.”

–Dr. Jerusha Conner, Villanova University

“Even as someone who has followed the Oakland work throughout that whole period, I found it not just sobering and inspiring, but also informative.  It helped me put the pieces together.  It’s a great work. “

–Lauren Jacobs, Senior Consultant, Partnership for the Future of Learning

The Long View at Californians for Justice

February 15, 2018


A community screening and conversation with filmmaker Susan Zeig

“It was really powerful to see our students watch the film and reflect on their own realities in their education organizing.  We appreciate the work you’re doing, and are always willing to collaborate.”

–Geordee Mae Corpuz, Organizing Director, Californians for Justice

“The movie kind of made me think about myself. I sometimes argue with my teachers, I may not really do well on a project, and I gave up, but then when you see how hard people actually fight to keep the schools open, and create all these opportunities for us, it makes you want to try harder because it is like people are really fighting for us to be in school, and a lot of kids are taking that for granted”  Californian for Justice student, not sure if we should use the student’s name or just say Sophomore at Oakland High etc. We asked their permission at the screening, but this is sort of personal and I am not sure

– Sophomore at Oakland High

The Long View at Center for Popular Democracy, Washington DC

Feb 1, 2018


A Screening and Conversation with filmmaker Susan Zeig

“Thank you for this amazing film! It not only gives voice to education stakeholders who have been unheard in the dialogue around school reform, but also spotlights the inequities that continues to plague our schools.  I look forward to hosting focus groups and screenings with DCPS educators and parents.”

–Liz Davis, President, Washington DC Teachers’ Union

Screening of the Long View at Mills College, Oakland

August 14, 2017


Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond told the audience of parents, educators, community members, and organizers: “I feel so privileged and pleased to be here because this film and all the work that you have been doing for many decades is really a testament to what we should be doing in every community in the country.”

She said that watching the film she was, “rejoicing in the victories, feeling devastated all over again by the setbacks, but by the end of the day, knowing that as Frederick Douglas said, ‘there can be no progress without struggle.’ And it is in that continual struggle that we make advances.”

Robert Paige: “You all saw a lot about what happened to me, but that is an example of what goes on in a lot of students’ lives throughout school. I am actually proud to say that I own my story because it is me, and it is true for a lot of other students. What is interesting in my story is that I actually had support which is why I am able to be here today. You hear the story about people getting out of prison and going right back. The reason I am not in that cycle is because of all those folks who supported me and made sure that when I fall I am able to bounce back and be back in a stronger place.”

Emma Paulino: “What I was reflecting on was that what moved me to do this work twenty something years ago is still moving me today. Young people like Robert should not go through what he went through. And that is really an example of how much, we, the people who care about the children, We have to continue believing in these young people – that they can have a better future than what this society is offering them right now. And it is really up to us to change the way the society perceives young people of color.”

Screening for Youth Organizing Group

St. Columba Church Local Organizing Committee—Oakland CA

“Congratulations on “The Long View” film.  The film provides a wonderful depiction of the entire organizing and mobilization process in a powerful and personal way.” Pamela Sims, St. Columba Communications Leader